Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.
Matthew 18:5 NKJ

Nothing is more important than a​ family!


what can be done

when each of us cares for


Tom and Dawn Cosgrove blended their two families in early 2005. Tom and his then 10 year old son TJ joined Dawn and her girls Cassidy (10), Cheyenne (9) and Carissa (6).  Soon afterward (summer 2008) Tom, Dawn and the 3 oldest children traveled with the youth group from their church and two other churches to Guatemala on what would be their first mission trip. There they helped to build a church in the valley and a medical facility high in the mountains. In 2009 they returned to again to Guatemala, this time leading a team from their church. It was two years later when their Pastor, Vaughan Jarrold told Tom he needed to have a meeting with him. They met for coffee on a snowy afternoon in late February and chatted back and forth for some time about several different things. Vaughan and his family had been an integral part of their lives and marriage for years and the two enjoyed talking about family and "retirement" plans. As things were winding down, Vaughan "put the drop on him" as he would sometimes do "Tom, I need you in India". Vaughan (who regretfully passed in January 2016) was larger then life. A great man of God, when he spoke, you listened. Tom knew he was going to India. He didn't know how, but it was happening.

That's where the India story begins.

"Found money" from an unclaimed funds website paid the airfare to India and Tom and Dawn began their journey to minister to the orphans of India. While there and completely unplanned they fell in love with a little girl who 5 long years later would become their 5th child. Parimala (7) joined them in their home in upstate New York in January, 2017. Since even before pursuing the adoption of their newest addition, the Cosgrove’s had determined that they’ve got a heart for the orphaned children of India and for adoption. Helping to father the fatherless is important to them and they hope one day to be able to offer grants to assist families in their adoption costs.